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Moxy Monitor and Exerfly Flywheel Training Integration
Author: Andrew Hauser, 5/18/2022


Eccentric Hamstring Exercises: Bulletproof Against Injury
Author: Andrew Hauser, 9/4/2022


Eccentric Exercise For Stability
Author: Andrew Hauser, 10/18/2022


This episode discusses integration of Postural Restoration, Functional Range Conditioning, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, ELDOA & a variety of respiratory techniques. Took a deep look into physiology and how it's influencing our neurological patterns, our system and ultimately our performance!

"This Week on the Physical Prep Podcast: *Andrew’s career path. *His first steps when it comes to his return to play (RTP) model, and why timelines are so important. *How you go about getting everyone ... on the same page. *The role of contingency plans or “alternate routes” when dealing with setbacks. *Why the mental side of RTP may be the biggest issue at hand today. *What he’s learned spending numerous years in pro sports, and what he’s learning now that he’s moved into the private sector."

"Today's episode is a perfect example of investigating the messy reality of leadership at top organizations. We discuss benefits of detachment and other dark sided traits in leadership, the need for "contextual inventory" & how to provide feedback in context, Andrew's best practices for “Day One” in a new organization, situations in which leaders shouldn't be listeners, a different model of mentorship"

"In this episode, we discuss how losing his leg led to a life built on adaptation and resiliency, and how that culminated in winning a World Series in a time where those two skills were at a premium."

" We discuss what first got him interested in Moxy, his approach to learning how to use the data, how Moxy challenged and ultimately changed how he thought about energy systems, how objective data alters the conversation with the players, where he'd like to go next with the technology."

"This week's interview is with Andrew Hauser...who lost his leg in a scary and tragic accident at 18 years old. Listen in as you hear Andrew talk about his journey...and embarking on a career that he hadn't dreamed of as an 18 year old. he ended up reconnecting with his identity as an athlete and having an incredible job, doing what he loves."

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